Il tuo Carrello

FW 24-25

winter campaign

The LABEL-PRIVATE men’s collection boasts a wide range of garments designed to meet a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences, ensuring satisfaction for every individual. Rooted in the principles of simplicity, elegance and meticulous attention to detail, the collection stands out for its timeless charm. These three pillars act as a common thread throughout the range, giving life to garments characterized by softer constructions that give priority to simplicity and the essence of style.

Embracing a classic wardrobe, the collection offers a wide selection of garments, ranging from subtle cuts to casual volumes. This diversity is aimed not only at those who prefer a classic and refined style, but also at the man who enjoys experimenting with sophisticated clothes. The winter palette of the collection embraces earthy and natural tones while adventuring in bolder shades. This careful selection of colors is complemented by materials and finishes that take centre stage, defining a casual style that can elevate the sense of men’s fashion on any occasion.

At the heart of the collection is the commitment to creativity and innovation, which symbolizes a constant dedication to the ever-changing world of fashion. Perfectly combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest trends in Italian haute couture, the brand is constantly pushing the boundaries, ensuring that each piece reflects a perfect fusion of heritage and contemporary style. This synthesis not only reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence, but also affirms it as a trendsetter, laying the foundation for a unique and distinctive fashion experience.

The Fall-Winter collection is a tribute to tradition, woven seamlessly with innovation and expertise. In this sartorial symphony, each garment emerges as a tangible manifestation of these fundamental principles, skillfully combining versatility, functionality and elegance. The collection develops as a captivating story, with surprising contrasts, a palette of rejuvenated colors and bold combinations of fabrics and finishes to its thematic core.

Within this ensemble, the skillful play of materials takes center stage, where Duchesse’s lust meets the warmth of wool, and the casual comfort of jersey converges with the opulence of cashmere. The resulting harmonious fusion not only attracts the senses, but defines the very essence of the collection’s aesthetics. The collage style and tops give life to the designs, coexisting seamlessly with the timeless allure that exudes from single-breasted coats and classic-cut trousers. The inclusion of wide-leg skirts and trousers amplifies the diversity of the ensemble, ensuring a tailored offer for every occasion and individual style.

What distinguishes our creations is their profound ability to give a sense of liberation to the female form. Designs transcend simple garments; they become vases of self-expression, equipping women with a relaxed elegance that serves as a resonant voice-a narrative that speaks of women in a distinctive and alternative language. Each piece of the collection testifies to the empowerment of women, providing them with the means to embody a unique and personalized form of expression, favoring a sense of individuality and strength in every step.