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Label Private was born from a dream.

The dream of Mirco Marini and his wife Lyudmila to tell the story of Italy, its art and history. The thirty years’ experience of Mirco and his Family in development and creation of luxury garments lays the foundations from which the first reflections arise: the creation of their own brand, something that stands out for excellence, while remaining firmly rooted in their existing roots, thus creating a new concept of fashion totally made in Italy, innovative and progressive, with a modern approach to tailoring. hence the search for all the Italian companies necessary for the project and to develop each work phase directly on site. The foundations of the project were already laid in 2016 by starting to collaborate with high fashion training schools, allowing young minds to directly relate to the concreteness of work.

In 2017 integrating  new work phases, the company began experimenting with brand identity and produced its first Special Orders for selected customers, a philosophy that has remained a cornerstone to this day. As this working methodology became established, the need arose to establish a real brand with its own premises, breaking away from the parent company that continues the production line to this day; in 2020, Mirco and Lyudmila laid the foundations for what has now become a real brand.

LABEL- PRIVATE reflects in its collections a stylistic synthesis of tradition and innovation, both necessary for the definition of its own style concept.


Our team is inspired by the fascinating world around us. Fueled by this passion, every collection we take care of is a testament to our relentless quest to push the boundaries that define fashion and trends.

We meticulously select unique fabrics that encapsulate the essence of innovation, infusing them with a touch of artistic style. Our dedication to sourcing the highest quality accessories ensures that each garment is adorned with items that transcend fleeting trends.

What emerges from this fusion of creativity and craftsmanship are garments that challenge the constraints of time. They exist in a realm of perpetual elegance, breathing life into the notion of timeless refinement. Our creations stand out as living incarnations of refined grace, destined to accompany people at every moment and occasion.


LABEL-PRIVATE” exudes a contemporary and inventive perspective on tailoring that perfectly blends tradition and innovation in its collections. Its distinctive stylistic essence emerges from the fusion of these crucial elements, which serve as keystones in the creation of its exclusive style philosophy. This fusion not only establishes the brand’s identity, but also represents a forward trajectory in fashion, respecting traditional roots and embracing progressive design principles. This delicate balance creates a distinct and compelling narrative within the brand’s offerings, appealing to those seeking both the elegance of the time and the cutting-edge innovation in their clothing.